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About the Synpiria Academy

What do you see while looking in a mirror?

Surely a bold, hard-working person, a man of success willing to take up yet another challenge. As an ambitious professional, you have been exceeding your limits and preparing yourself form making yet another professional step.  

What can we offer you?

The ability to work for a big organization, or even for an international company with remarkable opportunities. You surely know that to be granted a promotion may be connected with significant difficulties in such an environment.  

What to do to stand out?

In order to be noticed, you have to have a set of remarkable skills and an unusual CV. By improving your qualifications with Synpiria, you improve in both directions. What is more, you can study at your own pace and constantly increase your value on the labor market.  

Synpiria qualifications will help you show that you are devoted to achieve and maintain highest professional and ethical standards, thanks to which you will be more valuable for prospective employers. While studying to obtain Synpiria qualifications, you will notably increase your money-making potential.  

We are the only academy in the country that awards your work! You will be granted employment prospects and a steady monthly income.  
The Synpiria Academy gathers hundreds of Civil Engineering students from all over the country.  
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