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Our mission and goals
Our company is a middle ground between sole proprietorships and large-scale construction companies.
The name of the company is not random in character.
synergy + empiricism
We have created a team in which SYNERGY is of key importance. We know that we can achieve more while working together. We gather construction law experts, designers, experienced engineers, and young, enthusiastic workers. Such a team can perform excellently, regardless of the specificity of a task.  

EMPIRICISM – it is a synonym of the „experience” word. The dynamic development of the company is possible thanks to qualified experts, the experience and knowledge of whom ensure swift work performance while at the same time maintaining highest professional standards possible.  

Our vision and major credo is to treat the company as a common good.

Our mission can be described as follows::

  • taking care of a proper level of professionalism
  • developing technological and organizational expertise  
  • ensuring proper qualifications of technical and construction teams
  • protecting the environment in the process of designing, realization, and utilization  
  • ensuring a proper work safety
  • increasing the quality of provided construction-oriented services  

We want our brand to be willingly chosen by customers and we are determined to achieve above-average results. We are also highly motivated to establish and maintain long-lasting business relations. 
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