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Acceptance of the premises
While accepting the premises, we always diligently check the condition of all the rooms and try to find all the faults that should be removed cost-free by the contractor before the finalization of the project. We do our best to ensure that the object has been made in compliance with Polish construction norms, as well as with provisions included in agreements concluded with a developer or a housing cooperative.  

The service includes:

  • Room dimension verification
  • Plaster quality and wall curvature checks
  • Electric, telecommunication, technical, ventilation, water and sewage, as well as heating installation checks  
  • Door and window finishing checks  
  • Floor and parquet floor checks (levels, dilatations)  
  • Balcony, loggia, and terrace checks (levels, metal finishing elements)
  • Parking spot checks (dimensions, levels)
  • Storage room checks (dimensions)

Acceptance of the premises is performed in compliance with the following Polish construction norms:

  • PN - 70/B-10101 – Plastering. Common plasters. Acceptance-related checks and requirements.
  • PN - 72/B-10122 – Parquet floors. Dry plasters. Acceptance-related checks and requirements.
  • PN - 53/B-10145 – Floor bases. Stone, terrazzo, and clinker tile floors.  
  • PN - 76/8841-22 – Floor bases. Parquet and panel floors. 
  • PN - EN/1279-1:2005(U) – Glass in construction works. Double-glazed insulated windows.
  • PN - 75/B-10121 – Ceramic glazed tile covers. Acceptance-related checks and requirements.
  • PN - 88/B-10085 – Construction-specific woodworks. Windows and doors. Requirements and checks.  
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