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Investment realization
Within the framework of the complex investment management service, our team assumes responsibility for work coordination. We create a realization plan, coordinate and supervise work schedules, as well as check the progress of work execution, budget, and work performance quality.  

The offer includes:

  • Representing the investor while communicating with other parties involved in the investment-oriented process 
  • Organizing auctions, preparing agreements to be signed by contractors
  • Supervising the investment
  • Reporting on the progress and quality of performed works 
  • Accepting the outcome of performed works (both partial and final)
  • Implementing quality insurance and safety procedures
  • Issuing comprehensive reports together with photo materials and key observations or recommendations 
  • Issuing reports presenting realization-oriented problems, as well as pointing to the completeness or incompleteness of performed works, depending on the progress of realization of consecutive stages of the investment

The investor will receive a login and a password to his or her individual account. After logging in, he or she will be able to download current documentation (photo materials, check-related reports). It grants the possibility of familiarizing him or her with the progress of works without leaving his or her home or office. 
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