Reklamáció esetén azonnal értesítse a szállító céget. Vendar nekatere nevarnosti še vedno obstajajo. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihre Maschine auf festem Grund gerade und standsicher und mit ausreichender Beleuchtung aufgestellt ist. Czynność powtórzyć osobno dla każdej szyby. Switch off the engine before repair, maintenance and cleaning.

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PL Zastrzegamy sobie prawo zmian technicznych,kolorystyki i błędy w druku. These operating instructions are intended to make it easier for you to get familiar with your device and utilize its intended possibilities of use. The operating instructions contain important notes on Recznie Trauma Sustrav z leczeniem D_TE to work safely, properly and economically with your machine and how to avoid dangers, save repair costs, reduce downtime, and increase the reliability and working life of the machine.

In addition to the safety regulations contained herein, you must in any case comply with the applicable regulations of your country with respect to the operation of the machine. The instructions must be read and carefully observed by each operator prior to starting the work.

Only persons who have been trained in the use of the machine and have been informed on the related dangers and risks are allowed to use the machine. The required minimum age must be met.

Please note that our equipment has not been designed for use in commercial, trade or industrial applications. Our warranty will be voided if the machine is used in commercial, trade or industrial businesses or for equivalent purposes.

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Controls and features, Fig. In case of complaints the supplier is to be informed immediately. Complaints received at a later date will not be acknowl edged. Check the delivery for completeness.

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Read the operating instructions to make yourself familiar with the device prior to using it. Only use original Elektro Maschinen parts for accessories as well as for wearing and spare parts. Spare parts are available from your specialized dealer. Symbols on the machine Please read the Recznie Trauma Sustrav z leczeniem D_TE before start-up Wear safety footwear Wear work gloves Wear eye protection Dispose of waste oil correctly waste oil collection point on site.

Do not dump waste oil in the ground or mix it with waste. If a crane is used, put the lifting belt round the housing. Never lift the firewood splitter by the hand grip.

Moving parts! Risk of injury!

Do not remove or modify protection and safety devices. Switch off the engine before repair, maintenance and cleaning. Unplug the mains plug. Do not remove jammed trunks with your hands.

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Ensure that other persons are kept out of the danger zone when starting the unit 9 Electric shock hazard Before operating your machine, the bleed screw should be loosened by some rotations until air can go Recznie Trauma Sustrav z leczeniem D_TE and out of the oil tank smoothly. Before moving your machine, make sure the bleed screw is tightened to avoid oil leaking from this point.

Additional safety notes for log splitters The log splitter may only be operated by one person. Wear protective gear like safety goggles or other eye protection, gloves, safety shoes etc. Never split logs containing nails, wire, or other foreign objects.

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Proper use 3 In these operating instructions we have marked the places that have to do with your safety with this sign: m m General Safety Rules WARNING When you use electric machines, always observe the following safety instructions in order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injuries. Observe all safety instructions and warnings attached to the machine.

See to it that safety instructions and warnings attached to the machine are always complete and perfectly legible. The safety mechanism on the machine may not be removed or disengaged. Check all power supplies.

Do not use defective lines. Before initial operation check to be sure the twohanded operation is properly functioning. Operating personnel must be at least 18 years of age. Trainees must be at least 16 years of age, but may only operate the machine under adult supervision. Always wear ear protection and work gloves when working. Caution when working: There is a danger to fingers and hands from the splitting tool. For heavy or cumbersome pieces, use the appropriate working aids for bracing. Cleaning, changing and setting of the machine may only be carried out when the motor is switched off.

Pull the power supply plug. Connection, maintenance and repair work on the electrical installation my be carried out only by qualified personnel.

Recznie Trauma Sustrav z leczeniem D_TE protection and safety devices must be replaced after completing repair and maintenance procedures. When leaving the work place, switch the motor off and pull the power supply plug. Never try to change the two-hand-functionality of your machine. Thus you increase the risk of accidents. The machine meets the currently valid EU machine rective. Choroba stawow w swinie hydraulic log splitter is designed only for wood in a horizontal position.

Wood may only be split while horizontal and in the direction of the grain. Dimensions of wood to be split: maximal 52 cm.

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Never split wood against the grain or while in an upright position. The manufacturer s safety, operation and maintenance instructions as well as the technical data given in the calibrations and dimensions must be adhered to. Relevant accident prevention regulations and other gen-erally recognized safety and technical rules mus also be adhered to.

The machine may only be used, maintained or repaired by trained persons who are familiar with the machine and have been informed about the dangers. Unauthorized modifications of the machine exclude a liability of the manufacturer for damages resulting from the modifications. Any other use is considered to be not intended. The manufacturer excludes any liability for resulting damages, the risk is exclusively borne by the user. Some hazards, however, may still remain. The splitting tool poses a danger of injury to fingers and hands by improper feeding or placement of wood.

Danger of injury from thrown wood due to improper holding or feeding. The use of incorrect or damaged mains cables can lead to elctrical injuries. Minimize remaining hazards by following the instructions in Safety Rules, Proper use and in the entire operating manual.

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Transport The machine may be transported while held in a diagonal position. Use the hand grip and pull gently while the machine stands on its wheels. Prepare the workplace where the machine is to be placed. Ensure sufficient room to allow safe work without malfunctions. The machine is designed to operate on a level surface and must be placed securely on firm, level ground.

Regularly check the electrical connection lines for damages. Please make sure that the connection lines are disconnected from the mains supply during the check.

Electrical connection lines must meet the applicable VDE and DIN regulations and the provisions of the local power supply company. Artroza leczenia ludzi use connection lines labeled with H07RN.

The labeling of the connection cable with the type specification is required. Damaged electrical connections Often, insulation damages occur on electrical connection lines. DANGER Such defective electrical connection lines must not be used and are, due to the insulation damages, life threatening!

Extension lines up to a length of 10 m must have a minimum cross section of 2. The mains connection is protected with a maximum of 16 A. Operation Before operating your machine, the bleed screw 12 should be loosened by some rotations until air can go in and out of the oil tank smoothly.

Failed to loosen the bleed screw will keep the sealed air in hydraulic system being compressed after being decompressed. Only split plain cut log. Place the log plain onto the work table 3. Your Elektro maschinen machine is equipped with Two-hands Control System that requires to be operated by both hands of the user left hand controls the Hydraulic Lever 10 while right hand controls the pushbutton switch 7. Simultaneously push pushbutton switch 7 to start the splitting action.

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